[MOD] The Forest ModLoader with Templars Rebalanced Mod, No More Birds and more

So we are here to announce our new ModLoader for The Forest to modify your game and add / balance new features. You just have to download the Tool, go to Mod Browser and load a mod.

The Forest Mod Loader Server

The ModLoader will access our mod server and download the newest mods on first launch. Unfortunately, if the game will be updated or new hotfixes are out, the old mods will not work anymore. Thats the reason, why we choose to use a mod server.

Our team will update and add all available mods as soon as possible. So if there are new mods for e.g. version v0.03, just click on “Update Modlist” and get the latest mods.


The Forest ModLoader for The Forest Mods

The Forest ModLoader for The Forest Mods

Included Mods ( 06/25/2014 )

  • Creative Mode ( no cannibals spawning ! )
  • No More Birds V1.4 ( More FPS, inventory fix and more )
  • Creative + No More Birds combined
  • Log Holder Hack + No More Birds combined ( if you build a logholder and put in one wood log, you’ll be able to take out unimited wood logs )
  • Templars Mod Rebalanced V1.6 

… more mods coming soon !


-> Click here <- to download our lates ModLoader version !

Click here to get to our multilanguage forums ( we are german community but we all can speak english ! )


The Forest 32bit Loadingscreen Crash Fixtool

We’ve created a small tool to fix your The Forest loadingscreen crash due to 32bit system. If you have 32 bit Windows, your The Forest game will crash in some circumstances.

Tutorial: Download our Crashfix Tool and run our crashfix with administrator rights ( right click extracted .exe and run as admin ) Now you can see a button labeled “Try to Fix That Bug”. After clicking that button the tool will fix some values in your registry to allow The Forest game to allocate more memory of your 32bit ram.

Reboot your system and disable your antivirus system before starting The Forest ( some antivirus software is in conflict and can cause loading screen crashes, too. Now your problem should be solved – if not, we’ve got an english section in our Forums ( you can set the forums to english language, too ). There you can create a thread with your problem described.

We hope that our small “The Forest loadingscreen crash fix tool” will help you play The Forest on a 32Bit system.

Link to Forums 32bit Download here !

Virusscan: (Virus Total)

Save ”Hotifx” – Patch v0.01b Changelog

The long awaited Hotifx is finally out!

Here is the changelog for the “hotfix”:

  • Saving at small shelter now works
  • Fixed issue where camera would spin during plane crash if a controller was plugged in
  • Fixed enemies sometimes disappearing after a few days
  • Improved tree collision
  • Fixed log cabin floating
  • Fixed some leaves not connected to trunk
  • Improved stuttering/performance
  • Removed lights from blue cave creatures
  • Fixed trees vanishing when exiting caves
  • Fixed bug where cave sounds could be heard above ground
  • Spelling mistake on shelter ‘warmth’ in book
  • Improved collision in some cave areas
  • Fixed missing cliff detail texture
  • Ocean shouldn’t loose render texture on start
  • Water visuals improved
  • Fixed enemy head duplicating when picked up
  • Fixed glitch where you could make infinite flare guns
  • Fixed enemy head icon not centered, and showing an arm instead of a head
  • Heads/arms and legs now go to inventory instead of being directly equipped


Please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to support@endnightgame.com.

TheForest.exe caused an Access Violation Crash Bug

Theres another crash bug in The Forest.exe and appears as following error message:


Unity Player [version: Unity 4.3.4f1_e444f76e01cd]

TheForest.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module TheForest.exe at 0023:005dbe42.

Error occurred at 2014-06-04_152020.


At this point, nobody knows what causes this problem / the crash. If you have more information about this crash message, please write a comment that we can offer other The Forest players your solution to fix the problem.


Great News from the Forums!

Thanks to Steam-User Survivalistgaming for the information!

Let’s all hope we can save pretty soon now!



Here is the official statement on the ETA of the Save fix, as well as what was in the small update we recently recieved;

“Ben made a really quick bug fix, We had some really minor clean up issues and some steam technical issues. There’s going to be the proper hot fix with saving loading and some performance improvements Monday or tuesday”

ALSO!!!!!!!! Here is the official email adress for bug reports and general support: support@endnightgame.com



Link to the Discussion here.

The Forest Bugs

If you witness a bug, you can help the developers fixing them by writing a mail to:


They are thankful for any kind of reports.

Community Announcements – Skunkie
As it’s the first public alpha there are a lot of bugs for us to get through. Please send all bug reports to support@endnightgame.com . We will be setting up a Trello Board soon to make bug tracking easier.

The Forest: How to save

While ingame press B” and click on the tent in the register above.

Now the Survival Book opens and you want to select the following: Hunting Shelter.

The Forest Speichern Tutorial - Shelter

The Forest Speichern Tutorial – Shelter

After collecting all the needed materials to build your shelter and placing it on the ground, the following message appears on your screen:

The Forest Speichern Tutorial - Save Game

The Forest Speichern Tutorial – Save Game

 After constructing your shelter, you are able to save your game.

Attention: Meanwhile, this function is still very bugged, so if it does not work for you, you can charge the current Pre-Alpha state of the game.

 Quoute from the developers:

Community Announcements – Skunkie
As it’s the first public alpha there are a lot of bugs for us to get through. Please send all bug reports to support@endnightgame.com . We will be setting up a Trello Board soon to make bug tracking easier.Saving and loading seem to break in our latest build. We will try and do a hot fix out as soon as we can.

How to save in The Forest game? Problems saving The Forest – get answer now

You may wonder how you to save in The Forest. Unfortunately there is no quicksave function to save The Forest game. So how to save at The Forest now?

The answer is crafting a “schelter” ingame. Therefore you have to look for a couple of sticks and stones and then open the crafting book using the B button . There you will find the possibility to build a shelter. If you have crafted this object, you can save your game there. Many players with the version 0.01 The Forest have problems saving the game . Do you have this problem too? Are you able to save your game? How ?