The Forest: How to save

While ingame press B” and click on the tent in the register above.

Now the Survival Book opens and you want to select the following: Hunting Shelter.

The Forest Speichern Tutorial - Shelter

The Forest Speichern Tutorial – Shelter

After collecting all the needed materials to build your shelter and placing it on the ground, the following message appears on your screen:

The Forest Speichern Tutorial - Save Game

The Forest Speichern Tutorial – Save Game

 After constructing your shelter, you are able to save your game.

Attention: Meanwhile, this function is still very bugged, so if it does not work for you, you can charge the current Pre-Alpha state of the game.

 Quoute from the developers:

Community Announcements – Skunkie
As it’s the first public alpha there are a lot of bugs for us to get through. Please send all bug reports to . We will be setting up a Trello Board soon to make bug tracking easier.Saving and loading seem to break in our latest build. We will try and do a hot fix out as soon as we can.
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