[MOD] The Forest ModLoader with Templars Rebalanced Mod, No More Birds and more

So we are here to announce our new ModLoader for The Forest to modify your game and add / balance new features. You just have to download the Tool, go to Mod Browser and load a mod.

The Forest Mod Loader Server

The ModLoader will access our mod server and download the newest mods on first launch. Unfortunately, if the game will be updated or new hotfixes are out, the old mods will not work anymore. Thats the reason, why we choose to use a mod server.

Our team will update and add all available mods as soon as possible. So if there are new mods for e.g. version v0.03, just click on “Update Modlist” and get the latest mods.


The Forest ModLoader for The Forest Mods

The Forest ModLoader for The Forest Mods

Included Mods ( 06/25/2014 )

  • Creative Mode ( no cannibals spawning ! )
  • No More Birds V1.4 ( More FPS, inventory fix and more )
  • Creative + No More Birds combined
  • Log Holder Hack + No More Birds combined ( if you build a logholder and put in one wood log, you’ll be able to take out unimited wood logs )
  • Templars Mod Rebalanced V1.6 

… more mods coming soon !


-> Click here <- to download our lates ModLoader version !

Click here to get to our multilanguage forums ( we are german community but we all can speak english ! )


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    • Hey, there is 100% no virus inside, its a false positive because this program does download .dll mods, thats enough to be flagged from AV.

  1. It doesn’t have any mods listed above, it has something in german but does nothing. I’m no expert with pc’s, but all i did was install and run…?

  2. Rubbed the mod downloaded, n now my game won’t even play, this download broke my game, don’t download.

  3. this mod broke my game too. im searching through my pc as i type this to uninstall.

    • Your games are breaking because Templar’s mod no longer works with the current version, so don’t use it.

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