The Forest 32bit Loadingscreen Crash Fixtool

We’ve created a small tool to fix your The Forest loadingscreen crash due to 32bit system. If you have 32 bit Windows, your The Forest game will crash in some circumstances.

Tutorial: Download our Crashfix Tool and run our crashfix with administrator rights ( right click extracted .exe and run as admin ) Now you can see a button labeled “Try to Fix That Bug”. After clicking that button the tool will fix some values in your registry to allow The Forest game to allocate more memory of your 32bit ram.

Reboot your system and disable your antivirus system before starting The Forest ( some antivirus software is in conflict and can cause loading screen crashes, too. Now your problem should be solved – if not, we’ve got an english section in our Forums ( you can set the forums to english language, too ). There you can create a thread with your problem described.

We hope that our small “The Forest loadingscreen crash fix tool” will help you play The Forest on a 32Bit system.

Link to Forums 32bit Download here !

Virusscan: (Virus Total)

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  1. Thank you,its working

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